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Bicycle Parts & Accessories
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Bicycle Parts & Accessories
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Adult Bikes

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At the Downingtown Bike Shop we take the time to help you select the right bike to fit your needs. We pay particular attention to proper size to make sure your new bike is comfortable as well as efficient. Full assembly by a professional bike mechanic, a free 30 day check and a one year free adjustments are part of our personal service.

Here is short descriptions of some of the types of adult bikes we carry. Stop in - we even encourage test rides!

Road Bike
Road Bikes
If speed is your thing, a road bike is for you. They're fast, light and high tech for the competitive style rider who wants maximum efficiency.

Road Sport Bikes
Looking for a bike with the performance of today's high tech road bikes but with a more comfortable, relaxed attitude? The more stable handling provided by sport road bikes make them a good choice for fast paced fitness rides or long days in the saddle.

Flat Bar Road Bike
Flat Bar Road Bikes/ Fitness Bikes
Fast, versatile and fun, flat bar road bikes are great for fitness, event rides and commuting. They're light and responsive but are also designed for a comfortable riding style.

Mountain Bikes
Rocky down hills, stream crossings, single track, dirt and mud - if thrills and spills of off-road riding appeals to you, then check out a mountain bike. In addition, they can be used on bike paths or even the road, although they're not as efficient as hybrids or road bikes.

Hybrid Bikes
Easy riding bikes for fitness or fun, hybrids are versatile bikes that are at home on spin around the local bike path as well as a longer road ride through the Chester County countryside.

Comfort Bike
Comfort Bikes
The control and stability of a comfort bike can make them a perfect choice for leisurely riding on back roads and bike paths. The upright handlebars, plush saddle, and wide range gearing make these bikes very rider friendly.

Cruiser Bikes
Uncomplicated, easy, classic - cruisers the best choice for short rides around the beach, campground or neighborhood.

Specialty Bikes
We also carry special purpose bikes such as tandems, cyclocross, touring, track/single speed, folding and adult three wheelers.
The Downingtown Bicycle Shop • 833 W Lancaster Avenue • Downingtown, PA 19335 Downingtown Bicycle Shop